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How to send your Photo

Do not feel obliged in any way to send us your photo.

We know there are some who are sensitive about this and we will always respect that.

We think that its great for people to know what their friends here on BBO look like so we have set up a photo page.

  1. First, select your pose :
    • Get up "close and personal". Its your face we want, not the goat eating out of your hand.
    • Colour is best, but black & white photos will do.
    • Try for a plain background.
    • Go for the "happy, smiley look"- this is not for a passport.
  2. Then select your format :
    • Try to use a digital camera and download the image to your computer.  (The photo file will be named ???.jpg or ???.bmp - either is acceptable.)
    • If its a paper photo - scan it in to your computer. If you dont know how, ask a friend - any 10 year old child will do it for you.  (Either ???.jpg or ???.bmp will do.)
    • Go for a high resolution - a file size of 200k or more is good.
  3. Send your photo to the webmaster :
    • Make sure that you remember where you saved your image on your computer - and what the file was called.
    • Click on SUBMIT (below) - that will start your email programme.
    • In your email message :
      • Type "Photo from xxx" on the subject line. (Replace xxx with your BBO name.)
      • Type your BBO name and your BBO Skill Level as your message.
      • Attach the photo file.  (Click "attach file", or that little paperclip, and "browse" for the photo - you do remember its name and where you saved it, don't you?).
    • Click on "Send". That's all you have to do and we will put your photo on this website as soon as possible.