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Welcome to our new members

We extend a warm welcome to the many new
members who have joined us over the last few days,
as their 'face to face' clubs close during the current emergency.

It's a big help to everybody if you will ensure that your profile includes the usual, helpful information.
To get to your profile just click on "Account"
at the side of the screen.
It's nice to show your first name. Under "Other"
please list your basic bidding system - Acol, Benji,
3 weak twos, etc. and, perhaps, your discard system.
This helps you to find a compatible partner

It is really encouraging to see so many players,
visiting BBO, choosing the Acol Players' Club as their prefered point of call. Our screenshot was at a
moment when we had 89 tables - we have seen a record of 122 in the last few days.


Our tourney crashed

For the first time in over 10 years our tourney on Thursday 2 April crashed because BBO had too many tournaments running.

We re-started the tourney but it was was not possible to let all players know (because we have no record of who registered).

If this happens again we will always restart the tournament for 20 minutes after the advertised time - YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER AGAIN.

Welcome to our web-site.

We are the Acol Players Club hosted, as a public club, on BBO.

This is a friendly club for Acol players of all levels to meet and play their favorite system.

Although most players will follow one of the Acol systems promoted by the English Bridge Union, players of any Acol based system, popular in other countries, are welcome here.

We have daily tables and arrange many tournaments in each week and leagues.

We sometimes arrange lessons for any member who wishes to attend.

Current Leaders:

Thursday Swiss

Friday Indi

Saturday Swiss

Sunday Bash
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We think that it would be great for people to know what their friends here on BBO look like so we have set up a photo page.

Do not feel obliged in any way to send us your photograph. We know there are some who are sensitive about this and we will always respect that.

Send your photo as an email attachment to the webmaster (please include your nickname and skill-level in the email).

Any comments or ideas about this web site should be sent to the webmaster.

Visitors since 7 April 2006